Who is Circle Health Group?

Circle Health Group is the UK’s largest group of independent private hospital brands. We have over 54+ hospitals, clinics and specialist centres. These are located across England, Scotland and Wales. We treat NHS, international, medically insured and self-funding patients. We are the UK’s largest private healthcare provider. Over the years, we have built a fantastic reputation in the UK for being a market leader in the private healthcare industry through our brands; Circle Reading Hospital, Circle Rehabilitation and Circle Integrated Care. We value our actions as a service to our patients. We are progressive, efficient and trailblazing in everything we do.

Do you have any part-time vacancies?

All our roles, full and part-time, will be advertised on this site. Please visit search and apply to check if we have something that suits you.

Can I join your bank?

We have an ongoing need for a bank of temporary staff. These roles are advertised in our job search.

Do you offer work experience?

We don't have a work experience scheme, but you might like to check if we have some part-time hours that might suit you. Please visit search and apply to check if we have something that suits you.

What benefits does Circle Health Group offer its employees?

We offer a comprehensive range of benefits to employees. Please see our rewards & benefits section to find out more.

Where can I find more out more information on the Circle Health Group Academy?

To find out more details on the Circle Health Group Academy click here.

How can I check if there's a hospital near me?

With 55+ hospitals, clinics and specialist healthcare services across the UK, your nearest site could be just around the corner. Enter your postcode or town to find the nearest Circle Health Group vacancy.

Who can I send my CV and application to?

We need you to apply online. This is so that we can make sure you have a well-managed recruitment experience. Please visit search and apply. If you would like to submit your CV speculatively, please see our register your interest section.

Do you offer training?

Yes we offer all employees extensive access to training – please see our career development section to find out what we offer our staff.

I have a visa, can I still apply?

For any Visa and immigration questions we would refer you to the government's website. For certain roles we do offer Visa Sponsorship.

What happens once I've applied?

Every application we receive is reviewed by our recruitment team, which means that it might take us a little longer to get back to you. We are committed to ensuring that each application we receive gets a response from us and we'll come back to you as soon as we can. You can find out more about our recruitment process here.

I'm having difficulty uploading my CV

We suggest uploading your CV from your home computer. This is because some work-based computers may have restrictions placed on them. If you are still experiencing problems, try clearing your cookies or using a different internet browser. Out site is also optimised for mobile phone and tablet use.

What are your salaries and why do they not appear on all job listings?

Salaries can vary due to factors as geographical location and levels of experience, so all salary discussions are undertaken at interview stage.

I have a question or problem that isn't answered here. Can you help?

Please send us an email at recruitmentteam@circlehealthgroup.co.uk