Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy defines us as a cohesive, unified organisation. It encapsulates our shared principles and values which apply to every service we deliver and to every stakeholder with whom we work.

Regardless of role, everyone at Circle Health Group plays their part and makes a significant contribution to the organisation. The way our people live and breathe our philosophy defines our culture. Our principles and values are at the core of our purpose and heart of our culture – it’s just the way we do things here.

Our values-based behaviour framework clearly defines the expected behaviours that we require our people to embody in their daily lives at Circle Health Group. The values-based framework outlines the behaviours we expect every colleague to display and provides clarity on how these will be linked to performance conversations and yearly appraisals. In addition, the behavioural framework will be used to guide individual career planning, appraisal discussions, communication cells, our recruitment choices and reward and recognition.

Here at Circle Health Group:

  • We believe that patients come first. We value people who are selfless and compassionate, people who put patients first in everything they do, who strive to exceed patients’ expectations every time and who go above and beyond to meet individual patient needs, where nothing is too much trouble.

  • We believe in our people. We value people who are collaborative and committed, people who take ownership and accountability for their performance, who build on and support good ideas, encouraging those around them and who embrace new responsibilities and ways of working.

  • We believe that “good enough” never is. We value people who are agile and brave, people who actively contribute to a culture of quality and safety, who acknowledge and correct mistakes and who welcome and learn from constructive feedback.

  • We believe in being open minded and innovative. We value people who are tenacious and creative, people who look for ways to innovate and improve, who want to try new things and who show initiative and who demonstrate creativity and innovative thinking.